Couples and Sexuality – Ten Naughty, Nice Tips for Holiday Romance and Your Sex Life Starting Tonigh

The holidays can be naughty and nice for your relationship this season! Holidays are a source of stress, or a time of sensuality and romance, depending on your attitude and actions. Here are ten tips for making this holiday experience an invigorating one for both of you! These suggestions revolve around the me, the we and the thee, three parts of the whole that need balance and attention.

Tip 1: Me Time: Do you spend your entire holiday season giving to other people? Remember to put yourself on your list. Take a spa day, a massage or go to the beach where you can relax. You can also spend time playing with your favorite sex toys! When you feel revived and not drained, it is more fun to give to others!

Tip 2: We Time: Set aside time for yourselves as a couple during the holidays. If you are busy in the evenings, why not set up a romantic lunch for two at a bistro? How about a chocolate body painting day, where you paint and lick each other with body chocolate? (See your nearest adult store)

Tip 3: Thee Time: In any relationship, it is important to also encourage your partner to do something for themselves. If they refuse, then set them up with a massage or spa day appointment. Make sure your gift is something they would enjoy.

Tip 4: Holiday Event Choices: If you find you have pressures to attend multiple events for the holidays, sit down together to calendar your time. For difficult relatives limit your visit to a couple of hours. It’s much better than feeling stuck for day and night.

Tip 5: Romantic Gifts in Your Stocking: If you do stockings in your house, remember a romantic gift for your sweetheart such as a love coupon book or a small and naughty game such as “Foreplay” or “Sexy Dice”. Write “For Your Eyes Only” on the card so the kids won’t see.

Tip 6: Sexy Scene or Role Play: Holiday dress-up for two can be fun. Buy some new lingerie or dust off an old favorite. Tie a bow around your neck and nothing else. Be creative. Santa’s helper can be very sexy and a lot of fun.

Tip 7: Spend Time Rather Than Overspending Money: Overextending your cash and credit is a major source of stress and can be avoided, especially where kids are concerned. Decide what you would enjoy giving realistically and stick to your plan. Avoid the temptation of being extravagant, thus reducing your stress when the bills come. It’s not about being cheap, but rather selective. Some couples shop throughout the year, or do layaway plans for those diamond earrings so they are almost pain-free!

Tip 8: Holiday Fun Day for Two: Whether you sleep late, or just stay in bed, pick a day when the two of you can just play around. Send the kids to a friend’s or relative’s that you can skip. Or, hire your own little elf for the day to watch them. Go to the park, play games, or watch movies and fool around. Candida Films makes some softer type of adult film that can please him and her. Let yourself have fun; laughter is known to enhance orgasm!

Tip 9: Holiday We Time for Family: Of course, we never forget about the kids. Plan a day with them, just for them. Have a yummy pancake breakfast. Go to a park or to the beach to play with them. Play board games. See a movie. Tire them out. Later, it will be early bedtime for all of you, and then you and your honey can have adult alone time again.

Tip 10: Over-the-Top Holiday Gifts for Two: If you have a little extra cash handy, why not splurge on the two of you? Some romantic gifts include a weekend getaway, a short or long cruise to fit your budget, or a spa day for the two of you. If you are into adult toys, why not get a hefty gift certificate for your favorite adult store and go shopping together?

Besides Valentine’s Day, there are 364 other days of the year to express you love to one another. It’s okay to be naughty and nice during the holidays; especially when it is in the name of making your love last a lifetime.

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